​​Lead is dangerous and harmful to you and your child. Our staff will help you find out if the risk is present, connect you to a doctor, and ensure your health and safety through the remediation of lead in your home or property. We are dedicated to connecting you to informational resources and long-term solutions.


Our Mission

The Lead Hazard Control Program is available to assist and connect members of the City of Lancaster community. Our goals include:


Reducing lead hazards found in your home through a Risk Assessment, which includes replacement or control of lead-painted building components, such as windows, doors and other items identified as a lead hazard.


Connecting an individual from our staff to your family as a point of contact before, during, and after the process to ensure that your property remains lead-safe and that your family is connected with information regarding your health.


​Holding our lead-safe remediation practice to the highest standard of excellence while being considerate of the needs of individuals affected by the remediation process.