Every rental property must be registered with the City.  This one-time registration of both vacant and inhabited units will give City officials a better understanding of the housing stock.  Every rental unit that is or will be inhabited must receive an occupancy license.


The current Rental Housing Ordinance allows Lancaster City Housing Inspectors and City Police Officers to better enforce property maintenance and disruptive conduct in rental properties throughout the City.

Addendum to Residential Rental Agreement

Addendum that rental property owners are required to add to their leases.Appendix A to Ordinance Revised Sept 2015.pdf

Application for Rental Property Registration

Application for Rental Property Registration.pdf

Rental Housing FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Rental Housing Ordinance.

The City of Lancaster’s Rental Property & Licensing schedule of fees & fines.

Administrative Ordinance

An outline of the Administrative Ordinance of the City of Lancaster.