Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account to view or pay my bill online?
Yes, an account is now required to view or pay your bill online. You can find step by step instructions for creating a Citizen Self Service (CSS) account here, and instructions for linking your utility account to your CSS account here.


Do I have to sign up for Paperless Billing?
No, you do not have to sign up for paperless billing. However, paperless billing does save resources, lower costs, and reduce our impact on the environment.


How does Paperless Billing work?
When you opt into paperless billing, we will send you your monthly bill by email instead of through the mail. You can then pay your bill the way you normally would, online, in-person, or through the mail.


What information do I need to create an account or sign up for paperless billing?
After you create a Citizen Self Service account, you will need your account number and customer number (also known as a CID) to sign up.


Where can I find my Account Number and Customer Number/CID?
You can find both of these numbers on your bill, circled in red below.