The City of Lancaster’s municipal broadband service ended April 30, 2024.

Learn more about the future of Lancaster City’s fiber network.


Who is Glo Fiber?

To put its existing fiber assets to their best use and fulfill on its commitment to deliver advanced fiber-to-the-home broadband service to all Lancaster City residents, the City initiated an RFP process in 2022 to find the partner that would best meet the City’s broadband goals. Shentel, a 120-year old telecommunications company, was selected through the RFP process to provide fiber broadband services to residents and businesses throughout the City under their brand Glo Fiber. Glo Fiber will be utilizing the existing City fiber network, and supplementing it with its own construction. In return, Glo Fiber will be providing the City with additional fiber for its own internal use.


When Will Glo Fiber Begin Building?

Though the partnership was finalized in mid-2023, it will be a few years before the network is complete. The longest part of building broadband networks is the part that you can’t see, the part that is happening right now. Glo Fiber is currently in the process of doing detailed engineering designs for its network and submitting permits to pole owners throughout the City. This lengthy engineering and permitting phase is necessary to ensure that all work is in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. The good news is that as engineering and permitting are complete for different sections of the City, they can be released to construction in phases so you won’t have to wait until the end of the project to get service!


Where Will Glo Fiber Build?

Construction is scheduled to start in the 3rd quarter of 2024. Glo Fiber will begin work in the South-East quadrant of the City with the first customers being brought online in the 1st quarter of 2025. Construction will then continue throughout the City until its estimated completion in 2026. During the construction phase, you will see Glo Fiber trucks all over the City hanging fiber on utility poles. Glo Fiber understands this kind of major infrastructure construction project can be disruptive, so has developed a communication plan to keep you informed of construction beginning in your area.


Contact Resources

For general information: 1-833-WANT-GLO (or 1-833-926-8456)


Pre-register online for email updates on construction progress. More information can be found here. For construction-specific concerns or questions call: 1-866-997-6474 or you can fill out a form online.



For answers to popular questions, check out the Glo Fiber FAQs. Stay tuned for more information as we progress through this exciting process!