Department of Neighborhood Engagement

Upon entering office in 2018, Mayor Danene Sorace created the Office of Neighborhood Engagement to invest in and actively work with residents and their neighborhoods.  In 2021, the Lancaster Office of Promotion (LOOP) was merged with Neighborhood Engagement, adding the focus of leveraging Lancaster City’s best assets and partnerships to enhance and promote the City’s quality of life, economic vitality, and attractiveness as a destination and residence.


In 2022, City Council created the Department of Neighborhood Engagement (DoNE), demonstrating to the community the commitment of the City to institutionalize the vital work of engaging the people of Lancaster in an intentional way, celebrating community and cultural bonds, and building the City’s capacity for effective engagement.


As of 2023, the Department of Neighborhood Engagement established its structure to include:


Language Access
The City of Lancaster’s Language Access ensures all our residents have access to City services, regardless of the language they speak. By providing training, tools, and policy guidance, the Language Access program makes sure City staff are empowered to serve our residents in line with our Core Values of quality, teamwork, integrity, and respect.


Tourism & Promotion
Tourism & Promotion has four main functions: planning special events, marketing Lancaster City as a destination, managing the Lancaster City Welcome Center, and permitting the use of public space.


Civic Engagement
Civic Engagement ensures that all residents have the opportunity to participate in city processes, allowing for public influence on decisions that impact quality of life. Residents can engage with us directly through Neighborhood Leaders Academy and Love Your Block.


Read the 2022 Neighborhood Engagement Annual Report (PDF)

Contact Information


City Hall
120 N. Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17602




Milzy Carrasco
Director of Neighborhood Engagement
Zayra Falu
Language Services Coordinator
Cheila Huettner
Bureau Chief of Tourism & Promotion
Joshua Beltre
Engagement Specialist
Mirtha Delvillar
City Hall Receptionist
Carly Patterson
Digital Media Specialist
Olivia Schmids
Travel Consultant
Megan Schmidt
Travel Consultant
Yazmin Way
Permit Coordinator
Kate Wright
Special Events & Programs Manager