What is Neighborhood Leaders Academy?

The program is a six-week civic training and grant program is for community leaders looking to expand their knowledge of Lancaster’s city government and learn community-building skills. The program will empower leaders in all Lancaster neighborhoods to encourage one another, identify problems, and dream up projects that benefit the neighborhood, remedy issues, and celebrate the community.


The next Neighborhood Leaders Academy cohort begins September 27! The deadline to apply is August 31, 2023. 



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Neighborhood Leaders Academy Application – English

Solicitud de Academia de Líderes del Barrio – Español

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Gabrielle Buzgo
Program Manager
Neighborhood Engagement



The Neighborhood Leaders Academy is made possible through the support of the Lancaster County Community Foundation. Thank you!

Who should apply?

Lancaster City residents who have demonstrated a commitment to making a positive difference through resident engagement are eligible to apply. If you are eager to build skills, develop your capacity to increase your impact, and engage with other leaders in learning, practice, and project execution, you should apply to this program.

What skills and practices will you learn?

  1. appreciating and using your personal strengths and core values
  2. building relational culture in your community and with other leaders
  3. understanding the resources and challenges involved in creating the community you want
  4. creating and using a group of allies to support you in your work
  5. designing and implementing a pilot project that will positively impact your community
  6. learning from your pilot how to modify or scale up your project
  7. developing and managing the human and material resources you need to produce effective positive impact