Love Your Block is a grant program that helps the City of Lancaster strengthen neighborhoods through resident-powered improvement projects. Since it’s inception the Department of Neighborhood Engagement has awarded over 60 community projects. Love Your Block is a program established in partnership with Cities of Service, Bloomberg Philanthropies and its continued support and program enhancements in partnership with the High Foundation.



River Connections: projects that support clean water initiatives and educate residents on the connection between neighborhoods and the Conestoga River. Includes installation of one storm drain mural and assistance with a neighborhood cleanup through the Block Rite program. Learn more about River Connections at

Community Connections: projects that build relationships between neighbors and creates a welcoming environment.

Safety Connections: projects that connect residents with Public Safety–Police or Fire–to establish trust or encourage residents to choose a career in Public Safety.



Available Funds

· River Connections Grant – $300, plus one storm drain mural and a Block Rite cleanup

· Community Connections Grant – $500

· Safety Connections Grant – $500


Block Party Funds & Trailer Usage
The Love Your Block grant and Love Your Block trailer must be used for public, inclusive, community-based initiatives. Event/project hosts and organizers or their partners/vendors cannot include proselytizing, evangelizing, or political campaigning.


The Love Your Block funds and the Love Your Block trailer are intended for the use of residents of Lancaster City. If an applicant is not a resident of the city but their organization or event/project directly positively impacts city residents, they may be considered. Love Your Block funds and the Love Your Block trailer cannot be used to support efforts outside of Lancaster City.


All Love Your Block recipients will be expected to submit a reporting form following the completion of your project, which should include documentation of the project and number of participants or attendees.


River Connections Grantees must host a neighborhood clean-up prior to the storm drain mural installation. This helps you and your neighbors understand the connection between clean neighborhoods/streets and clean water. We encourage you to use the Block Rite program, which is available to you at no cost. If you’re ready to make a longer term commitment to keeping your neighborhood clean, consider joining the City’s Adopt It! Program.


If you are choosing to request the Block Party Trailer, there will be a $25 refundable deposit to ensure that it is not returned with any damages or missing items. Failure to return the Block Party Trailer as it was delivered to you will result in forfeiting the deposit.


Block Party Trailer Process
To request the block party trailer, Love Your Block applicants can indicate their interest on the Love Your Block application. It will be assigned on a first come first serve basis with priority for resident-led events. Organizations can request the use of the trailer as well, but priority goes to residents.


The Department of Neighborhood Engagement will manage the calendar for the Block Party trailer and coordinate with the Department of Public Works on its availability for drop-off and pick-up.



Applications are now open!


Phase I
Applications Accepted: February 14 through March 27
Awards Announced: April 18


Phase II
Applications Accepted: May 8 through June 12 — APPLY NOW!
Awards Announced: July 8




The “Love Your Block” Mini-Grants are made possible through the support of the High Foundation and Cities of Service.


“River Connections” Love Your Block Mini-Grants are made possible through support from the Lancaster Clean Water Partners.


Project Reporting Form