Bureau of Property Maintenance and Housing Inspections

The Bureau of Property Maintenance and Housing Inspections is responsible for ensuring safe and quality housing stock through the administration of the City of Lancaster’s Property Maintenance and Rental Property Ordinances.


Our Housing Inspectors

Are Certified Code officials of International Property Maintenance (IPMC) which provides requirements for continued use and maintenance of building elements, site conditions, swimming pools, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems in existing residential and nonresidential structures.


What We Do

The Bureau is committed to working with residents, tenants, property owners, landlords, and community organizations to educate the public on maintaining their properties.



Pursuant to City Ordinance Chapter 238 Rental Property, and Chapter 223 Property Maintenance, and Chapter 182 Lead Poisoning Prevention & Lead Hazard Control, the City of Lancaster has established a Residential Rental Property Program.



Promote public health, safety and welfare by establishing accountability for the proper maintenance of residential rental housing units through a license and registration program and a systematic inspection process. Regular inspections of rental properties are conducted to ensure safety and maintain quality of life standards.




The City will systematically inspect all residential rental properties no less frequently than every six years as set forth in the policies and procedures. Systematic inspections are scheduled with a minimum 3-week advance notification.

We conduct complaint based inspections when notified at (717) 291-4711 or  pmhi@cityoflancasterpa.gov to report property maintenance violations.


For violations related to grass and weeds, trash, or snow removal, please contact the SWEEPS hotline at (717) 291-4744 or email SWHotline@cityoflancasterpa.gov


Lead Safety

The Bureau of Property Maintenance & Housing Inspections will inspect approximately 12,000 rental properties built prior to 1978 over a four-year cycle for possible lead hazards during the systematic inspection process to minimize lead hazards within the city’s housing stock.


New requirements went into effect January 2023. The ordinance enhances lead safety protections in rental housing and childcare facilities. This ordinance requires all rental properties and childcare facilities built before 1978 to meet lead safety requirements every two to four years. Learn more at cityoflancasterpa.gov/lead-safe.

General Contact Info


120 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17602


Office hours

Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.



(717) 291-4711






(717) 291-4721


Documents & Resources

Sectors & Building Blocks

To determine what sector a property is in, go to BuildingBlocks. Accept the disclaimer. Begin to type the address into the search bar at the top. Select the desired property from the drop down menu. Scroll down to the gray rows, and select Code Inspector Zones.


About BuildingBlocks

BuildingBlocks is a web-based mapping software that warehouses data into one easy-to-use application. We are excited to share this with the public and hope it will help you answer your questions and provide a new way of looking at the city.

Relevant Maps

Who We Are
Who We Are
James Nixon
Bureau Chief of Property Maintenance & Housing Inspections
Robert Cruz
Housing Inspector
Zaritzia Burgos
Housing Billing Clerk
Eric Delgado
Housing Inspector
Landis Gochnauer
Housing Clerk
Maria Guzman-Castillo
Housing Clerk
Vicki Hainsey
Housing Clerk
Chaz Harmes
Housing Inspector
Randy King
Housing Supervisor
Wilfredo Perez
Housing Inspector
Isaiah Reichenbach
Housing Inspector
DaJour Rucker
Housing Inspector
Edwin Santiago
Housing Inspector
Michelle Szurok
Housing Admin Assistant
Brian Wagner
Housing Inspector

Sector Inspectors Contact Information

Randy King

Housing Supervisor