What We Do

The Bureau of Engineering performs several mandated functions including maintenance of the Official City Plan, assignment of street addresses, and preparation of construction plans and specifications for various Public Works projects, and review of subdivisions and land development plans as required by the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), Inspection services covering these projects are also provided, along with the maintenance of Public Works project drawings.


Engineering staff administers PA One-Call utility location requests and data by collecting the requests and distributing them to the proper response Bureau. Engineering staff also review and analyze subdivision and land development plans and, if necessary, the City Engineer coordinates the activities of design and construction consultants when plans are implemented.


The Bureau of Engineering issues permits and collects applicable fees for curb and sidewalk work, street excavations, driveway installations, utilization of public right-of-ways and water service connections (for West Lampeter Township residents). The Bureau provides operational assistance and record drawings in association with the Bureau of Water and Bureau of Wastewater

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City of Lancaster
120 North Duke Street
P.O. Box 1599
Lancaster, PA 17608



(717) 291-4711

Who We Are
Permits & Resources
Who We Are
Cindy McCormick
Deputy Director, Engineering
Matt Metzler
Deputy Director, Construction Services
Tiffany Dimaio
Engineering Customer Service Coordinator
Kevin Flanagan
Construction Inspector
Travis Good
Construction Inspector
Jason Gore
Construction Inspector
Emma Hamme
Transportation Planner
Permits & Resources