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City of Lancaster Introduces Monthly Water Billing, Paperless Billing Options

July 5, 2023 | Bureau of Procurement & Collections Bureau of Water
By: Amber Strazzo Righter

In an effort to better serve customers, the City of Lancaster will launch monthly water billing in August, a shift from previous quarterly billing. Customers will also be able to opt-in to paperless utility billing, and link accounts for multiple properties. These customer-focused initiatives aim to enhance convenience, streamline operations, and promote sustainable practices.

Staring August 1, the City will transition from the existing quarterly water billing system to a monthly billing cycle. This change will provide customers with increased visibility into their water usage, allowing them to detect potential leaks sooner and better manage monthly expenses.

In addition to monthly billing, the City is also introducing online customer accounts, optional paperless billing, and the ability for customers with multiple properties to link multiple utility accounts. Paperless billing will allow customers to receive their bills electronically via email, reducing paper waste and mailing costs.

While monthly billing begins in August, customers may prepare now by creating an online customer account, linking their utility account(s) to their online customer account, and opting into paperless billing. Customers should note that they will now need to create an online customer account to pay utility bills online – previously, customers only needed to enter an account number to pay online.

“We are pleased to offer our customers more convenience and flexibility through the introduction of monthly billing and the option to go paperless. This transition aligns with our commitment to providing exceptional service and prioritizing sustainability,” said Steve Campbell, Director of Public Works.

To create an account and opt-in to paperless billing, customers can visit the City’s website at www.cityoflancasterpa.gov/pay-bills and follow the instructions.