Tree Ordinance

The City of Lancaster tree ordinance acknowledges the urban forest as a necessary part of the City’s infrastructure. This green infrastructure provides numerous crucial ecosystem services to the City’s residents including environmental (stormwater management, carbon sequestration and urban wildlife habitat), social (human health, healing, and quality of life), and economic (increased property values, increased business activity and decreased energy use).

The Tree Ordinance establishes permitting procedures, defines regulated activities (e.g., planting, pruning, removal), and sets standards for tree care and maintenance, among other things.

A copy of the Trees Ordinance can be found here.

Tree Manual: Regulations and Standards for Arboriculture Work

The regulations of the Tree Manual are intended to reduce tree canopy loss and implement urban forest management improvements through requirements for the planting of trees, the care and maintenance of existing trees, tree protection, and the preservation of trees within the City of Lancaster.

This Tree Manual is supplemental to Chapter 273, Trees, of the Code of the City of Lancaster and establishes minimum standards for the design of landscapes so as to improve the community aesthetically, economically and environmentally.

A copy of the Tree Manual can be found here.