716-728 Bay Street, is a green space situated in the heart of the West Lancaster Jewels neighborhood. It is bounded by First Street to the north, Ruby Street to the east, Second Street to the south, and Pearl Street to the west. Originating as a victory garden plot during WWII, the site has maintained its role as a garden for several decades.


Recently, the City of Lancaster acquired the site through a collaboration between the Department of Public Works and the Bureau of Health. The shared vision is to preserve this land as a functional garden, aimed at benefiting the neighborhood in various ways: enhancing access to healthy foods, fostering stronger neighborhood bonds by bringing together diverse groups of people, enhancing and beautifying an urban space, empowering community members of all ages and abilities, providing opportunities for environmental education, and supporting long-term solid waste reduction through composting initiatives for future generations.


Request for Proposals

The City is seeking an organization and/or a collaboration of entities with experience in community outreach and knowledge of community gardening to oversee the Bay Street Garden site operations and partner with the City to accomplish the outcome goals set forth in the Request for Proposals (RFP), which will become a model for future community garden projects.


Erin Long Weaver
Sustainability AmeriCorps VISTA



(717) 381-6242



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