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Street Cleaning Resumes, Ensuring Safe Travel and Ample Parking Despite Lingering Snow

January 22, 2024 | Bureau of Operations Department of Public Works

Street cleaning has resumed today, Monday, January 22. Continuing the street cleaning schedule, even in the presence of lingering snow, enables the Department of Public Works to clear travel and parking lanes from both snow and regular street cleaning debris. This effort is aimed at ensuring safe travel access and available parking for all residents. Vehicles are permitted to return to the parking lane once the snow plow has passed.

Street cleaning maintains a regular schedule year-round except for times when suspended due to holidays or exceptional circumstances. Cancellations will be communicated via our website, social media, text message alerts and email. Unless explicitly notified otherwise, it is advised to presume street cleaning will take place.

Here are some shots from the street cleaning route this morning on New Holland Avenue, Reservoir Street and East Orange Street, where our crews were able to better clear the parking lane of large piles of snow and ice so that vehicles can get in and out of spots more easily. It makes a big difference! Thank you for your cooperation.