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The City of Lancaster Awards Over $2.4 Million to Build Affordable Homes in Lancaster City

March 26, 2021 | Department of Community Planning & Economic Development Mayor's Office

LANCASTER, Pa., March 26, 2021 — The Sorace Administration is announcing $2.4 million in HOME funds awarded to build 82 affordable homes in Lancaster City.  

HOME funding is allocated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and distributed through the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development. The City of Lancaster identifies local opportunities and awards funding to create affordable housing units. This year, the City of Lancaster worked with the Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority (LCRA) to issue a joint, Countywide Request for Proposals.  

Projects within Lancaster City total $2,479,730 of HOME Funds for 82 affordable homes, most of which will be rental opportunities for low-income residents.   

  • The Apartments at College Ave by HDC Mid Atlantic = $850,000 (64 units) 
  • Landis Place on King by Landis Quality Living = $752,000 (5 units)  
  • Scattered Rowhomes by Partners with Purpose = $377,730 (4 units)  
  • Conestoga North Townhomes by the Spanish American Civic Association = $500,000 (9 units)   

In addition to the projects above, the County Redevelopment Authority has awarded $1 million to an affordable housing project planned on the boundary of Lancaster Township and the City. This development, Bausman Place Apartments by Community Basics Inc., would bring the total to 136 affordable units within City limits.   

The County Redevelopment Authority has also funded three other HOME projects in the County, one in Millersville Borough, one on Columbia Borough, and one in Manheim Township for another 72 housing units. 

The City and County Redevelopment Authority convened an evaluation committee of experts to determine funding awards this year. The committee weighed selection criteria such as project feasibility, financial sources and uses, and anticipated benefits to our low- and moderate-income populations.  

With respect to the City HOME projects, the Department of Community Planning & Economic Development partnered closely with developers to design good land development proposals and integrate affordable housing units where possible.  

“The City of Lancaster is committed to using all of the tools we have to create as many affordable housing units as possible. The availability of affordable housing is a key issue for our city residents and neighbors in Lancaster County. The creation of 82 units is a significant accomplishment not seen in many years, and we know there is a greater need,” says Chris Delfs, Director of Community Planning & Economic Development.  

The City of Lancaster and the Sorace Administration continue to advocate for increased federal and state funds toward creating affordable housing units in Lancaster City and County.  

April is Fair Housing Month, and throughout the month, the City will spotlight the critical issue of fair, affordable housing on the City of Lancaster’s social media and at CityofLancasterpa.com.