Climate Action Plan

The City of Lancaster’s core mission is to serve its residents, businesses, and environment. Throughout its nearly 300- year history, the City has proven resilient and adaptive to rapid shifts in industry, transportation, and technology, among other changing conditions. This flexibility has been a vital asset, which is evident in Lancaster’s adaptive reuse of historic structures, and it will be key to the City’s efforts to prepare for the effects of climate change. Decreasing emissions can lead to increased prosperity, and adapting to extreme weather will require improved infrastructure. Building on the spirit of ingenuity that has always helped drive Lancaster’s success, the City’s Municipal Operations Climate Action Plan affirms a renewed commitment to the future of Lancaster City.







Vision Statement

The City of Lancaster equitably implements innovative, collaborative, and fiscally responsible strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build resilience to the impacts of climate change.





The City owes its ability to plan for and pursue meaningful change through this municipal operations climate action plan to the generous donations of the following foundations and enterprises. Their contributions have helped open the door to a healthier, more prosperous, and more sustainable future Lancaster.