Adoption of the International Fire Code (IFC) by Lancaster City obligates and empowers the Fire Marshal Division (FMD) to issue certain non-renewing permits and renewable licenses for operations specifically regulated by the IFC.


Examples of operations subject to the permit process include, but are not limited to, alterations to existing fire alarm/fire suppression systems, tents & membrane structures (covering more than 200 square feet), blasting, entertainment events where simulated smoke (hazing) is in atmosphere, fumigation and professionally designed & launched fireworks displays. Typically, these are situations of limited duration; each occurrence requires a separate permit.


The FMD also licenses certain ongoing long-term operations in fixed commercial locations throughout the city. Such operations include, but are not limited to, fire alarm systems, places of assembly, day care facilities, educational facilities, mercantile locations, various types of materials processing & storage facilities, residential board & care facilities, healthcare facilities and automotive repair garages.


Additionally, vendors providing certain public safety related services and/or conducting regulated business within Lancaster City may be required to obtain a certificate of fitness relating to their discipline. This prioritizes public safety and enhances the general welfare whenever such operations, regulated by the IFC, are performed within Lancaster City. Enterprises/individuals seeking to acquire a certificate of fitness must demonstrate competence in the specific discipline they seek to pursue commercially.


Fire Marshal Contact


(717) 291-4869