On-street handicapped parking spaces are available for City residents with disabilities.


One must apply with the City’s Bureau of Police.


1. Resident seeking Handicapped Parking space must obtain a Persons with Disabilities parking placard or registration plate from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).


2. Resident must complete a Handicapped Parking Space Application.


3. Resident must return the completed application forms and the completed physician’s statement, as well as show possession of the Handicapped Parking placard or license plate to the City’s Customer Service Department.


4. The City will conduct an inspection to verify that the number of HP spaces on each side of the public street do not exceed the permitted spaces available and that the dwelling does not have off-street parking (see handicapped parking codes).


5. An approval or denial letter will be mailed to the applicant after all requirements have been completed. If a letter of denial is sent, the applicant may choose to appeal the denial before the next Traffic Commission meeting, to which the applicant is required to attend the meeting.


6. After initial approval, the applicant will be subject to an annual renewal, which requires completion of the Physician’s Statement. The annual renewal is valid January 1 through December 31.


There is no fee for the original application or renewal.


Please review the City codes for handicapped parking spaces for further details.

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