A Snow Emergency is NOT in Effect at this time.

Last updated 2/17/24 7:00 a.m.

The City of Lancaster provides snow removal on public streets during winter weather events. In light snow conditions, vehicles can remain parked on the street. However, when a forecast predicts 8 inches or more of snow, the City may declare a Snow Emergency. This declaration allows the Department of Public Works and the Bureau of Police to swiftly and effectively restore the flow of traffic in the city. Whenever feasible, streets will be plowed from curb to curb.


Vehicles parked along snow emergency routes must relocate within one hour of the Snow Emergency declaration. Failure to remove a vehicle from a Snow Emergency Route could result in a parking ticket or towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense.


During a Snow Emergency, the City will notify the public through local media, the City website and social media outlets, Everbridge Alerts, text message alerts and email.


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Street Cleaning & Snow Removal

Street cleaning maintains a regular schedule year-round except for times when suspended due to holidays or exceptional circumstances. Cancellations will be communicated via our website, social media, text message alerts and email. Unless explicitly notified otherwise, it is advised to presume street cleaning will take place.

In accordance with City ordinance, the street cleaning schedule will resume 48 hours after the conclusion of a snow emergency. Continuing the street cleaning schedule, even in the presence of lingering snow, enables the Department of Public Works to clear travel and parking lanes from both snow and regular street cleaning debris. This effort is aimed at ensuring safe travel access and available parking for all residents. Vehicles are permitted to return to the parking lane once the snow plow has passed.

Clearing Sidewalks

According to City Code, property owners must clear their sidewalks and the entrances to any crosswalks of snow and ice within five hours after the snow has ceased. In cases where the snow ends overnight, property owners have until 10 a.m. to complete this task.

When removing snow from your vehicles or sidewalks after the snowplow has passed, refrain from throwing or blowing snow into the street. Instead, pile the snow in grassy areas and along the curb. We recognize the challenges posed by significant snowfalls and appreciate your sincere efforts to keep streets clear while attending to your sidewalks.

Please be mindful of your neighbors. If you have a neighbor who is not at home, elderly, or handicapped, consider taking some time to assist them with snow removal.

Clear any fire hydrant or storm drain adjacent to your property.

For those in need of assistance with snow removal, consider reaching out for volunteer help through Dig Out Lancaster County, a private Facebook group not managed by or affiliated with the City of Lancaster.

If you have an issue with a property that has not cleared snow or ice within the allotted time frame, you can report the address to Fix It! Lancaster.

Driving & Parking During Snow

Avoid double parking or abandoning your vehicle in small streets and alleys during snowfall, as this can obstruct plows from passing through.

Park only in designated parking areas, ensuring your vehicle is close to the curb and not partially extending into the street. If possible, pull in your mirrors, particularly when parking on narrow streets.

Refrain from driving during a snow emergency unless absolutely necessary. The fewer vehicles on the road, the more efficiently our crews can clear them!

Saving Parking Spots is Prohibited

You are not permitted to save parking spots with any furniture or other items at any time. This poses a hazard to yourself, your neighbors, snow removal equipment, and City staff. Anything placed in the street is subject to confiscation.

Driving & Parking During Snow

During a snow emergency, FREE parking will be available for residents at the following garages:

Prince Street Garage (Lancaster Parking Authority)
111 North Prince Street

Water Street Garage (Lancaster Parking Authority)
220 North Water Street

East King Street Garage (Lancaster Parking Authority)
150 East King Street

Duke Street Garage (Lancaster Parking Authority)
150 North Duke Street

North Queen Street Garage (Lancaster Parking Authority)
424 North Queen Street

Penn Square Garage (Lancaster Parking Authority)
25-51 East Vine Street

Christian Street Garage (Lancaster Parking Authority)
148 North Duke Street

Queen Street Station Garage (Red Rose Transit Authority)
Corner of North Queen & West Chestnut

Steinman Park Garage (Colonial Parking)
35 South Prince Street

You must pull a ticket upon entry.

All vehicles must be removed from parking garages when the snow emergency is lifted. The City of Lancaster will make every effort to schedule the end of the snow emergency to give residents ample time to plan and move their cars. Regular hourly rates will commence after that time.

If you have issues with parking, please contact the entity that manages the garage you are parked in:

Lancaster Parking Authority
(717) 299-0907

Red Rose Transit Authority
(717) 947-7293

Colonial Parking
(833) 491-5700

Towing Information

If your car is towed during a snow emergency, the four tow companies below will be handling towing on the streets listed. Owners should contact the tow company directly to get their car back.

Lancaster Fleet and Auto
1203 Marshall Avenue | (717) 295-4444
North Lime Street, North Duke Street, East Walnut Street, South Lime Street, South Duke Street

Cabbage Hill Towing
1525 Temple Ave |  (717) 299-6809
South Queen Street, East Chestnut Street, East King Street, East Orange Street

Patriot-St. Denis Towing
58 North Donnerville Road, Mountville | (717) 693-0539
West Chestnut Street, West Orange Street, South Prince Street, Manor Street, Marietta Avenue

Absolute Towing
135 Manheim Avenue | (717) 925-0751
North Prince Street, West Walnut Street, West King Street, Columbia Avenue