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City of Lancaster Spotlights Equal Pay Day

March 15, 2022 | Mayor's Office

March 15 is Equal Pay Day. The Day signifies how far into the year women must work in order to be paid what men were paid in the previous calendar year. On average in the U.S., women who work fulltime are paid just 83 cents per every dollar men are paid.

“Across all sectors of the economy and in every workplace, women deserve equal pay for equal work. This gap compounds for women of color. This reality not only hurts women but many families and our local economy. Without this parity, our community cannot live up to its potential,” says Mayor Danene Sorace.

The City of Lancaster aims to build a stronger, more equitable Lancaster. This mission along with our strategic commitment to sound government implores us to continuously analyze our own organization. Accordingly, the City recently conducted an objective compensation analysis to ensure employees are paid fairly in relation to those who perform similar jobs in competitor organizations and to internal peers who are in the same or similar roles.