The Critical Repair Program currently has a waitlist for participation and will resume when additional funds are made available, anticipated by July 2022. 

The Critical Repair Program provides financial assistance and project management services in the form of grants and loans to low to moderate-income families for the critical repairs of owner-occupied, single-family housing units in the City of Lancaster.

Upon enrollment in the program, City staff will perform an assessment to determine the types of repairs needed.  The types of eligible repairs may include:

Types of Repairs:

– Water Heaters

– Plumbing/Broken Sewer Pipes

– Non-Operable Furnaces (winter)

– Roof Repair/Replacements

– Electrical

– Structural Damage and Hazards

– Tripping and Falling Hazards

– Other Critical Health and Safety Hazards

Eligibility Requirements

  • All participating households must be below 80% AMI to qualify for a critical repair grant or loan (based on HUDs Family Income Guidelines for Lancaster)
  • Households with income at or below 50% AMI qualify for a grant
  • Elderly households or disabled households (as defined by HUD) qualify for a grant
  • Homeowners between 50-80% AMI may qualify for a grant if they are spending more than 30% of their income on housing expenses (housing cost burdened)
  • Homeowners between 50-80% AMI may contribute 10% of the contract amount and qualify for a grant.
    • If the homeowner does not contribute 10%, then a lien will be placed on the property for the amount of repairs (due upon sale)
  • Applicants must be the owner of the property, use the property as their primary residence, be current with their mortgage, current with all city and county obligations, and have current homeowner’s insurance.

If you may be eligible for the Critical Repair Program and are interested in applying, please download and complete one of the following applications:
Critical Repair Application in English 

For more information about the program please refer to the: Program Guidebook

Please submit the completed application by mail or drop-off in person at City Hall, addressed to:
City of Lancaster
Attention: Bureau of Lead Safety and Community Development – Lead Safety Office
120 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

Once we have received and reviewed your application, we will contact you to set up an appointment for program enrollment. For additional information, please call 717-291-4730.

This project is supported through the City of Lancaster’s Community Development Block Grant Program.